The Windsor

410 North East Road, Windsor Gardens


The Order

Beef schnitzel with mushroom sauce.
Price: $16.90 inc sauce ($9.90 Tuesday special)

The Review

We went back to an old favourite today with the Windsor, as it is fairly close to our office and has schnitzel specials on Tuesdays. We always thought it was a safe lunch choice before, but we wanted to see if regularly expanding our palettes with these reviews had any effect on our previous perceptions. Short answer, it kinda did!

We had to line up to order our meals, and the restaurant was packed today; apparently there was a pre-arranged pensioner Christmas event going on or something. Our service was friendly and efficient and it didn't take too long for us to place our usual orders and take a seat.

The Windsor has one of the largest salad bars we have seen, if not the largest. It actually has two sections, one with focaccia bread and warm vegetables and a separate bar with cold salads and fruit. This is probably due to the sizable gaming area in the establishment and it having a lot of meal specials catering towards pensioners, but it benefited us today.

We thought the meal might take a little longer than usual today since almost every table in the restaurants area was taken, but it still managed to arrive in 10 minutes which was a great effort by the kitchen. My schnitzel looked huge on the plate and there was a decent serve of chips and a sprig of parsley for colour which was a nice touch to break up the browns and yellows.

The chips that came with the meal were a real disappointment. They tasted like baked ones out of a packet and I only ate a couple before I abandoned them and just got a roast potato from the salad bar which was much better. The schnitzel itself looked good, but could have used a bit more sauce. The crumb could have been a bit crisper, but it also fell away every time I cut it, which I think is a first for me. Simon normally has that happen to him! The beef tasted pretty nice on it's own, the sauce contained big chunks of mushroom but the flavour was nothing exceptional.

So turns out this blog has made us a bit picky (or even more picky), and our old favourite isn't quite as good as we remembered it, but they do have good service, a great salad bar and affordable meals. It may not be Adelaide's best schnitzel but it is a decent pub for lunch or dinner.

Beef schnitzel with mushroom sauce.

The Scores

Service 8
Speed (10 mins) 8
Salad bar 8
Wenches 9
Ambience 5
Schnitzel 12
Average 7.14


Chicken schnitzel with pepper sauce.

The Scores

Service 9
Speed (10 mins) 8
Salad bar 8
Wenches 9.5
Ambience 7
Schnitzel 14
Average 7.93

The Order

Chicken Schnitzel with pepper sauce
Price: $9.90 with sauce included (special), $4.80 for a pint of coke

The Review

Before we started our weekly review blog we attended The Windsor quite regularly on Tuesday's as it is their schnitzel special day and is not far from our office. We always thought that it was pretty good so we decided that after 17 other reviews we would go back and give it an official score.

Walking in from the back there are two nice outdoor/beer garden areas which appear of a modern style. Once inside it is far from modern. The clientele are mostly seniors and the decor is a little dated. In saying that it still has quite a nice ambience to it. It is a 'cozy' place and with a room full of seniors there is still some life in it yet!

The service was great even though there was a line to order. The waitress served us with a genuine smile and made us feel welcome. The waiter who brought our meal even decided to remove the excess cutlery on the table which I thought was a nice touch.

The Windsor has a salad and veggie bar which we haven't had for a few weeks now so it was a welcome change. The selection of salads and veggies are alright, but it was lacking a good garden salad. I combined a couple to make the salad I wanted. The bread selection was of a focaccia variety and had a pleasant taste to it.

The meal came and the appearance was quite underwhelming from what I remembered. Any meal with no green on the plate always appears uninviting, but they did have the salad bar so that was fine. The chips were the worst part of the meal, lacking any real taste or crunch to them. We left them and grabbed a couple roast potatoes from the salad bar to make up for it.

The schnitzel itself was on the larger size of the scale. It was of the 'correct' colour and crunch that a chicken schnitzel should be. The sauce was bang on for once, creamy, had pepper corns and tasted like a pepper sauce. I don't understand why some places serve pepper water instead of this nice, creamy sauce that I received today. The only negative was that the sauce didn't cover the entire schnitzel, I would've liked more sauce. The chicken tasted and looked like chicken, the crumbs stuck to the entire schnitzel and tasted fine. It wasn't the best schnitzel I have tasted, but far from the worst.

Overall for $9.90 on a Tuesday I would definitely go back for a schnitzel, as we have done several times before today. I would even be happy to go back on a non special day and pay the $16.90. Good work Windsor!

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