Lord Melbourne Hotel

63 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide


The Order

Beef schnitzel with mushroom sauce.
Price: $18.90, $12.90 if purchased with drink at lunch

The Review

For today's review we decided to check out the Lord Melbourne Hotel. We drive past it every now and again and didn't notice it was even there until recently, as it has more of a shop-front exterior than a traditional pub. We did get there a bit early at just after 12 but there was only a single patron there which didn't inspire a huge amount of confidence.

There was a schnitzel special on Tuesdays for $9.90 only if you ordered a drink, otherwise it was $18.90 which was a little odd way to sell a special but we were getting a drink anyways. We ordered our usual meals straight away but the waitress gave the impression that we were interrupting something important, which was almost amusing.

The Lord Melbourne does have a nice beer garden out the back with lots of chairs and actual real grass which I think is the first pub I have seen to do so. It was a welcome change but we had to sit inside because it was very hot and sunny outside. Not much else can be said about the ambience however, as it was basically non-existent unfortunately.

The meals arrived in 5 minutes, which made us both look at each other with worry. Before we tried the meal we debated if it was actually possibly to cook two meals in that amount of time, factoring in the chef having no other customers to cook for. We didn't really arrive at a satisfactory conclusion so we decided to dive in and see what could be achieved in that amount of time.

Based on the pallor of my schnitzel, the answer is not very much. I've never seen a schnitzel with that colour before and I was a little hesitant to try it. As expected, the meat tasted pretty ordinary, although it was tender enough. The sauce for once could not save it, and even though it contained a healthy amount of mushrooms, it was a little too sweet and very watery. I powered through the schnitzel because I was hungry but it really didn't have anything positive going for it.

The chips were nice and crunchy and were to the side for once which was good! And the salad was really tasty, fresh and nicely put together which was in complete odds to the "star" of the meal siting adjacent to it.

I wouldn't recommend the Lord Melbourne to anyone who actually enjoys eating schnitzel, but you need to go through the lows to appreciate the highs. If I go back I'll just order the salad.

Beef schnitzel with mushroom sauce

The Scores

Service 6
Speed (5 mins) 10
Salad bar 7
Wenches 5
Ambience 4
Schnitzel 7
Average 5.57


Chicken schnitzel with pepper sauce

The Scores

Service 4
Speed (5 mins) 10
Salad bar 6.5
Wenches 4
Ambience 4
Schnitzel 6
Average 4.93

The Order

Chicken Schnitzel with pepper sauce
Price: $9.90 with sauce, $4.70 for a pint of coke

The Review

We had chosen the Lord Melbourne on Melbourne Street in North Adelaide this week for our review so I was expecting some upper class goodness, but oh was I disappointed in almost every category.

I had actually never heard about this place or noticed its existence on Melbourne Street and pulling up I realised why. It is nestled in between other retail shops and it looks like a shop frontage. There are no pub-like characteristics visible from the street. Walking in I asked Ben if they were even open as there was only one lonely patron enjoying a glass of wine on her own. Walking up to the counter I was pleasantly surprised to see a sign stating that Tuesdays are schnitzel days and that they are cost $9.90 (if you buy a drink). We promptly ordered our usuals and found a table. We didn't need a table number, as there was no one else there so the staff could easily find us. The staff member who served us seemed quite irritated that we were there to be honest. I am not going to go into detail, but I definitely did not feel welcome.

I went to the toilet and when I came back the meal was already on the table (5 minutes after ordering). I am not sure if this is an indication that they had pre-cooked the meal and heated it or if I took too long in the toilet.

The appearance of the meal was quite average. The size of the schnitzel was overwhelming and unnecessary. I would much prefer a small schnitzel that actually tasted like chicken. Biting into the oversized chicken I was disappointed straight away. There was little to no taste and it was of the rubber variety, which I have had in the past. It has been quite a while since we have reviewed such a bad tasting schnitzel. It had obviously been mass produced and then dropped in the deep fryer for a few minutes. I managed to eat about half of it before discarding it to the side.

The chips were average also. A nice crunch to them to start with, but once again they were left soggy at the end, which killed any of their good taste.

There was no salad bar or bread available, but we did receive a fresh salad on the plate. This was not too bad in comparison to the rest of the meal. The raw ingredients were fresh and tasty. There was even a few things in there that I am not used to like red cabbage and red and yellow capsicum. These are not my favourite so to me it was not that good, but I did appreciate the effort to try something different.

My overall experience at the Lord Melbourne was one that I would be happy to quickly forget. From the moment we walked in to the end of the meal I was disappointed. I would not recommend the Lord Melbourne to any fellow schnitzel lover.

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